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Counting Down

My time left in Canada is only comprised of a handful of hours now. After 223 days of planning, I will board a plane for a year in Belgium. I’ve been able to avoid thinking the immediate nature of it up until today. Now my stomach is turning as I think about what to do with my last hours. Continue reading

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Language Part 2: How I’m going to learn Dutch

I should absolutely be sleeping, but no matter what time of night it is or how tired I am; late night is when I’m most productive.

Last week I wrote a post about why not learning Dutch was the one regret I had during my summer away.  It only seems right that I talk a bit more about the steps I’m taking to right that wrong.

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This Heart(h)-felt moment brought to you by: Video Games

Something kind of amazing happened today.

My boyfriend is a gamer. I’m not talking about a North American variety gamer that plays all day and wishes he was a pro. My boyfriend played with and later managed the Antwerp Aces, a Belgian pro gaming team. I’ve seen videos where people call him a legend and forums where fans beg him to admin competitions. He lived and breathed video games for most of his life and still has an intense passion for them. He doesn’t compete anymore, but he’s on top of the amazing new things to hit the video game industry.


Long story short, he’s nerdy and I love it.  Continue reading

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Day one: Halifax

Yesterday was the big day. I said farewell to the family, hopped on the bus and headed for Halifax. It was an uneventful bus ride during a thoroughly gloomy day, so I spent most of the bus ride with my head down watching an episode of American Horror Story and reading Wanderlust by Elisabeth Eaves. Once in the city, my friends and I settled in to supper and relaxing, because no one was going anywhere with the weather looking like this:

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Six Months

So these beautiful flowers arrived at my door today! *AHEM*

Image Continue reading

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CAUTION: Flashback scene ahead!

After two posts that were extremely full of negativity, I thought it would be important to take things in a different direction. For all of you out there that love sappy stories, this is for you. Everyone thinks their story of how they met is the CUTEST MOST AMAZING STORY EVER. That’s because everyone’s cute story matters. This just happens to be my cute story.

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