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Counting Down

My time left in Canada is only comprised of a handful of hours now. After 223 days of planning, I will board a plane for a year in Belgium. I’ve been able to avoid thinking the immediate nature of it up until today. Now my stomach is turning as I think about what to do with my last hours. Continue reading

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Taking the plunge

I didn’t write this last night because instead of writing, I drank the better part of a bottle of wine. Yesterday I did something absolutely life changing.

I bought my plane ticket.  Continue reading

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Moving in with Mother

You know those things you swear you’ll never do again? This week I did one of those things.

A couple years ago I went through a crazy break up and decided to move home. That’s right, with my parents. After I moved back out, I swore I would never go back. I love my family, but I love my independence just as much. This week I moved back in.
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I need a magical box-packing unicorn

I don’t normally mind moving, but today I’m hating it.

I’m normally very in control of my life. When I move, I start a month ahead of time and slowly put away the unnecessary items, taking my time and doing it properly. This time, because my boyfriend was in the country until a week before my moving date, I am not in control. I still have a lot of odds and ends running around that need to be shoved in boxes and taken out tomorrow. I also picked up an extra couple of hours at work tomorrow, so I will wake up nice and early, work 5.5 hours, move myself and unpack until I fall over of exhaustion.
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