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Counting Down

My time left in Canada is only comprised of a handful of hours now. After 223 days of planning, I will board a plane for a year in Belgium. I’ve been able to avoid thinking the immediate nature of it up until today. Now my stomach is turning as I think about what to do with my last hours. Continue reading

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Taking the plunge

I didn’t write this last night because instead of writing, I drank the better part of a bottle of wine. Yesterday I did something absolutely life changing.

I bought my plane ticket.  Continue reading

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There and Back Again: A Canadian’s Tale

Now that I’ve had a few minutes to sit down with a very worn out boyfriend, we started to plan out some of the more intricate details of the trip. We sure as hell didn’t get to everything, but we did get a good chunk of our London and Belfast trip put together.

I’m predicting that this leg of the trip will be the most expensive and tiring of the whole three months, based solely on what we planned tonight. In a nutshell, it looks like this: Continue reading

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