What’s your favourite distraction?

I haven’t been writing much because I’ve been in bed with a cold for the last couple of days. I’m trying to buck up and get myself together for the rest of Easter weekend, but I’m feeling a little BLAH. It also doesn’t help that my boyfriend is taking off for an eight day work stretch in England tomorrow, so I’m looking for some awesome things to keep me distracted. Continue reading

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First Mock Pack :D

I’ve been trying to plan for the trip without getting too carried away, which has been difficult. I’m the kind of person who would plan out every detail ahead of time if I had the ability. Instead, I’ve been trying to find little projects that have to do with the trip that I can accomplish on my own, so last night I did a mock pack!

EDIT: A new suitcase has been purchased.
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HELP: Travel Insurance


So the money is in for the ticket! Which is great! Except that I haven’t decided if I will take the insurance company that the agency has offered me or a different one. Continue reading

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