In June of 2013 I will be embarking on the most amazing adventure I have ever had. I will be flying from Canada to Belgium to live there for 90 days.

In September 2012 I met an amazing Belgian boy during a friend’s wedding. He returned home to Belgium after the wedding and on December 6th he flew back to Canada to spend two and a half months with me. Soon I will be departing for my own extended trip, following fate and love across the ocean to see what happens next!


This blog will follow all of the preparations, day-to-day mishaps and the trip itself. It will serve as a place for family and friends to stay up to date with my travels, as well as somewhere for me to vent, discuss how to properly pack a suitcase and a million other things. So if you’d like to watch me mangle the Dutch language, inevitably forget my boarding pass and dramatically rush to airports, you’ve come to the right place. Things start out crazy and I guarantee it will only get crazier from here!

Safe travels,

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