Someday, I won’t live here.

Little towns have their perks. You don’t live in a bustling city full of murderers and homeless people. Fear doesn’t stare you in the face, you know your neighbours and there’s less traffic.

Unfortunately there’s a giant flipside to that coin. Small towns talk. They talk and talk, generating drama and gossip about anything the people deem to be different or weird. The people you know become the people you want to avoid. Drama lurks at every corner, because small towns are boring.
Today has been a perfect example. I had forgotten about an exercise bike that I had listed on Facebook to sell. I had forgotten about the listing, and upon remembering, went back to say it was still available. Well someone who had been previously interested was not a fan of that. Not knowing me at all, she accused me of being sneaky, saying that I would probably do the same thing to other people.

This is the kind of crap that tells me I need to move to a place where no one knows me. A place where people have bigger things to worry about than selling items on Facebook.

People ask me all the time if I will just move to Belgium. I honestly don’t know. That’s a big, loaded question that I’m not prepared to answer. The only thing I can really tell people is that I won’t be settling down in this place for the long haul.

I want to live in a place where there’s cultural diversity. I want a place where the shopping mall has a higher percentage of open stores than closed ones. I want to say hi to people I know and have the rest not care about me at all. I want to live in a place where things happen, where big names come to play concerts and people dance in the streets. I want the chance to have a real job and to grow into something thriving, with opportunities and change. I want to feel the pulse of a place and feel something other than a flat line.

I just don’t thrive on the intricate drama and the talk. All it does is bring me down. I want to sit in a Starbucks again, sipping on a Passion Tea Lemonade and  talking about things that matter. About books and art and travel, about the news and the weather and the newest game.

Someday, I won’t live here.


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One thought on “Someday, I won’t live here.

  1. pj

    Good analysis of life young lady

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