This Heart(h)-felt moment brought to you by: Video Games

Something kind of amazing happened today.

My boyfriend is a gamer. I’m not talking about a North American variety gamer that plays all day and wishes he was a pro. My boyfriend played with and later managed the Antwerp Aces, a Belgian pro gaming team. I’ve seen videos where people call him a legend and forums where fans beg him to admin competitions. He lived and breathed video games for most of his life and still has an intense passion for them. He doesn’t compete anymore, but he’s on top of the amazing new things to hit the video game industry.


Long story short, he’s nerdy and I love it. 

Recently he’s been watching Hearthstone, the new online card game from Blizzard. It’s currently in closed beta and he has been fighting tooth and nail for a beta key for WEEKS. He’s been entering every draw, sweepstakes and give away he can find. He’s had me entering them as well, including drawing a Warcraft Orc in MS Paint. MS PAINT. All in the desperate hope of being one of the lucky few who get to test this game. Some of these keys are selling online for up to hundreds of dollars a piece. All for a game that will eventually be released to the general public. (See those links up there? Those will clarify this paragraph for anyone unfamiliar with gaming terminology.)


My Orc. For anyone who’s used MS Paint, you know this made me want to kill myself.

Today he got a key. And today he sold it.

I was shocked. He had been watching videos, looking at strategies and spamming these web pages to get keys. When he got one, he decided not to use it and to sell it. When I asked him why, he told me that he would rather put the money away for the next time we’ll see each other than play the game.

This may not mean much to those who don’t know him, but to me it means a lot. I shouldn’t be surprised based on his already selfless nature, but he always continues to surprise me. I’m writing this because I feel it deserves some extreme recognition. I know how much he’s been dying to play it. He was given the chance to and decided to invest in us instead. That’s a very big deal.

I’m a very lucky girl.

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