Food Binge

Today we took a trip to the grocery store to grab a few things. It was the most exciting adult experience I’ve had yet. It was surreal seeing shelves packed with food I’d never seen before and just as strange to see something familiar pop up as well. I took pictures of a few things but it’s impossible to show every little thing.


First up, for Shannon, is Speculoos! This is a spread that looks like peanut butter but tastes closer to ginger. Shannon tells me Lotus is the brand to go with and the rest taste terrible in comparison. This was right next to more than a dozen varieties of chocolate spread, including one made by Becel, which blew my mind. These guys love their chocolate!

IMAG1688  This right here is a six pack of two liter Coke bottles. Maybe I’m just crazy, but this made my Coke addiction go into overdrive. Coke is also currently offering a brilliant marketing strategy where they’re printing popular first names on their bottle labels. Unfortunately Catherine is not one of the popular names here, so I won’t be bringing home that particular souvenir.


This is from the imported goods section! Canada representing with their maple syrup! They also had kettle chips and Pop-Tarts. It’s really weird seeing these super common items on the imported shelf next to the rice  and seaweed paper.


This was the Holy Grail of the mission out. My boyfriend has been looking for this for months. They use it at TGIFridays in the UK and he just couldn’t live without it. At nearly €5 a bottle, we  went a little overboard and bought all three.


This picture of Aperol is specifically for Paul, who should know that apparently bad alcohol can be found world wide. This is just a small part of the selection though. This grocery store had two aisles just for alcohol. One was specifically for wines. I couldn’t find flask sized bottles of rum, and while Captain Morgan Spiced Rum was there, white was significantly harder to find. I ended up grabbing a 750 of random brand white rum for €13.99. Vincent bought a 750ml of Captain Morgan at €14.59, or approximately $19.72 Canadian. The NSLC website quotes that bottle at $24.95 plus tax. A small bottle of Kriek cost €0.65 or $0.85 Canadian.

IMAG1687This escalator is awesome. Grab your cart downstairs, get on the escalator with it and up you go! The wheels seem to lock on the treads and you can just enjoy your ride up. Pretty sure we should be doing this in Canada.

Also all of the milk I’ve seen in store is kept outside of the fridge. Not sure how that works, but clearly they’re not drinking the same milk as Canada. Beer can be purchased in milk crate style containers, which are returned with the empty bottles for reuse. Chips come in odd flavors such as cheeseburger, mustard and paprika at 250 g for $1.46 a bag. Perhaps my favourite thing is the lack of hidden taxes and bottle deposits on food. I could live without those!

I’m sure some of you are shaking your heads and wondering what the big deal is, but these are all little things that amazed me or caught my eye. I thought for my friends and family back home, it might offer a little look into what things are like here.

Anyhow, I’m off for now! Safe Travels!

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3 thoughts on “Food Binge

  1. Did you already tasted a Kriek??

  2. Hahaha Speculoooos! Also the milk and eggs upset me a little but I was told the milk is fine until you open it..then it goes in the fridge. does not last as long as our milk once it’s open. Most things don’t last as long actually! Also…wth is Vincent doing buying hot chili sauce lol!

  3. zachandclem

    Haha this is so much fun for me to read 😀

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