Day one: Halifax

Yesterday was the big day. I said farewell to the family, hopped on the bus and headed for Halifax. It was an uneventful bus ride during a thoroughly gloomy day, so I spent most of the bus ride with my head down watching an episode of American Horror Story and reading Wanderlust by Elisabeth Eaves. Once in the city, my friends and I settled in to supper and relaxing, because no one was going anywhere with the weather looking like this:

This morning I spent some time downtown wandering the streets looking for my favourite shops. My first stop was Two If By Sea for a delicious croissant and iced mocha. Anyone who stops into Halifax or Dartmouth should eat at this cafe. Their food is delicious, their staff are friendly and helpful and they love the local area. Check them out here.

While sitting in the cafe I also noticed one of the local magazines promoting a relatively new brewery in Halifax that brews Belgian style beer. I didn’t check out the brewery because I am a terrible judge of beers (they all taste yucky) but for those interested, here’s the article.

I’ve also noticed that a lot of downtown Halifax is under construction right now. There’s a giant pit where the new Halifax Trade Center will be and a bunch of buildings getting overhauled. It gives a very unique look into the inside of some of beautiful old buildings in the area. Hopefully some of the construction will be done by the end of the summer and I can see first hand what the new parts of the city have to offer!
Anyhow, that’s all for now. I’m off to enjoy whatever this evening has to offer! Please enjoy this picture of me and Tails the chinchilla. Safe travels!


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One thought on “Day one: Halifax

  1. Have a nice flight, see you soon!

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