Sleepless excitement

I’m sitting in my room, up way too late. Tomorrow I leave for Halifax, the very beginning of my trip to Belgium. Last night some of my friends helped send me off, and today I had to say farewell to others. Tomorrow I have to say farewell to my family. It’s all very surreal. My suitcase has traveled ahead of me to Halifax with the friend I’ll be staying with there. My papers are all in order and my carry on is packed. It looks like I’m all ready to go.

It occurred to me a few moments ago that I was really leaving. I picked my carry on up off of the bed and set it on the floor. For whatever reason, that simple action brought on an epiphany. After watching all of the videos about travelers getting ready to leave, I’m preparing to become one of them. I never thought I would travel and yet here I am, getting ready to start my own adventure. It’s honestly hard to fathom.

I know I should be sleeping. I even took a pill to give me a hand. The thing is, how am I supposed to lie down and sleep when the world is about unfold in front of me?

Safe Travels friends

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