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Food Binge

Today we took a trip to the grocery store to grab a few things. It was the most exciting adult experience I’ve had yet. It was surreal seeing shelves packed with food I’d never seen before and just as strange to see something familiar pop up as well. I took pictures of a few things but it’s impossible to show every little thing.


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Lessons In Culture Shock

I’ve been in Belgium now for just under a week. Some days have been spent at home watching tv in bed and others have been spend adventuring. I’ve been trying to acclimate myself little by little, so this is a perfect pace for me.


First things first. It turns out that I’ve been living under a bit of a rock. I’ve never needed more knowledge than I already possessed to get by in Canada. I felt cultured for having lived in more than one province and knowing bits and pieces about other cultures around the world. I never took learning a second language seriously because unless I was moving to Quebec there wasn’t really a need for it. These are all great examples of things that didn’t help me at all once I left the country. Maybe that’s why the first few days hit me so hard.
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Day one: Halifax

Yesterday was the big day. I said farewell to the family, hopped on the bus and headed for Halifax. It was an uneventful bus ride during a thoroughly gloomy day, so I spent most of the bus ride with my head down watching an episode of American Horror Story and reading Wanderlust by Elisabeth Eaves. Once in the city, my friends and I settled in to supper and relaxing, because no one was going anywhere with the weather looking like this:

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Sleepless excitement

I’m sitting in my room, up way too late. Tomorrow I leave for Halifax, the very beginning of my trip to Belgium. Last night some of my friends helped send me off, and today I had to say farewell to others. Tomorrow I have to say farewell to my family. It’s all very surreal. My suitcase has traveled ahead of me to Halifax with the friend I’ll be staying with there. My papers are all in order and my carry on is packed. It looks like I’m all ready to go. Continue reading

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