Under the Dome – Not a Stephen King Novel

Every once in a while a movie or a book will show up in my life about a town that gets trapped inside a giant dome. Seems a little farfetched. Well it turns out there are places that actually do exist under a dome. I’m pretty sure it was built, not just dropped from the sky, but they do exist. Also turns out that I get to spend five days in one of these domes. Friends, welcome to Center Parcs.


I’m fairly certain the whole place doesn’t exist under the dome, just a part of it. Doesn’t make this look any less awesome. Complete with water slides, swimming pools, a bowling alley and a wide variety of optional activities, this place is blowing my mind.

I don’t have all the details, because my boyfriend’s parents are making the arrangements. What I do know is that it’s located in Belgium and that it was a favorite holiday spot for the family for years. We’ll be staying on site in a fully decked out house and enjoying the facilities to our heart’s content.

I haven’t even started to decide what kinds of activities I would want to do there. I’m not even sure I know how to relax for five straight days. For now, check out these awesome pictures from the website.

Preview of the cabins on site.


Look! I can suck at bowling in another country!


I’m just going to spend all day floating downstream on this rapid looking thing. No big deal.


Safe Travels!

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