And then I filled it with COOKIES

I took the time today to repack and make a list of all the things I’ve got shoved (delicately) into my suitcase. The only things not listed are the items in my carry-on, the clothes I’ll be wearing on the plane and the gifts that are a giant secret surprise. These things could all fit into a shoebox, so they’re not a big use of space.


I’ve listed everything below because I’ve found that these kinds of lists are a great reference for first timers like me.



2 pairs of jeans
2 skirts
1 slip
1 pair of white tights
1 pair of shorts
3 dresses
2 tank tops
2 t-shirts
3 dress shirts
1 sweater
2 bathing suit tops
2 bathing suit bottoms
1 pair of PJ shorts
1 pair of PJ pants
1 nightgown
4 bras
14 pairs of underwear
6 pairs of socks
1 pair of slipper socks


1 pair of flats
1 pair of heels (Not pictured. Derp!)


1 box of art supplies
3 sketchbooks
1 sharpener
1 book of pencils
1 toiletry bag
1 brush


4 boxes of maple cookies
Others that can’t be show because they’re a surprise!

Things I need to return

1 pair of boyfriend boots
1 boyfriend hoodie

I’ve certainly tweaked things from my original mock pack. I’ve increased numbers in some places and decreased in others, but I believe that its for the best. I could probably cut down the amount of clothing I have, but I’ll need a variety of things for the different types of activities I’ll get to participate in. I’ll be spending time working events, which will require clothes that are comfortable and practical. I’ll be spending close to a week at Center Parcs, which will warrant all kinds of flouncy dresses and light clothing. I’ll be going on date nights, to music festivals, clubs, trips away from home and a number of surprises, so it’s hard to plan for everything. (More about some of those things in another post.)

I know I should have more than one pair of shorts. That’s my big regret here. The weather in Belgium stands to be between 20 to 35 degrees C, which is hot for this little Canadian girl. If it hits 20 degrees in Canada we start telling people to keep their elderly relatives indoors due to extremely hot weather. That being said, I HATE shorts. They never fit right and there’s no such thing as a length between “these cover my knees” and “whoa, that’s an odd breeze.” Instead I added in an extra dress and called it a day.

I did pick up a great find at Walmart. It’s a eight-in-one dress that uses long strips of material to become other styles of dress. The tag says eight styles, but I managed to come up with some of my own, so I’m fairly certain the possibilities are endless. It’s the perfect thing to compliment a long stay with a limited wardrobe.

As far as the art supplies go, I could probably leave them at home, but I won’t. During Vincent’s visit to Canada it was very important for us to take some time to ourselves occasionally. I managed to find an art set for $15 at Micheals that gives me a range of mediums to work with and is completely compact. This way I can spend some sunny afternoons in the garden attempting to capture some flowers on paper.

Last but not least, I had to bring presents. There are some awesome secret things, but as you can see I’m also bringing four boxes of maple cookies. In my limited but lovely experience with Belgians, they love maple cookies. If nothing else, they fill lots of space in the suitcase so things don’t rattle around and Vincent will happily eat them up for me.

I’m going to quit now before this becomes a novel about how to pack a suitcase. I’m always open to suggestions, so throw your comments below!

Safe Travels!

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One thought on “And then I filled it with COOKIES

  1. I have the same problem with presents, but i unwrap the paper box to spare space, and i explain why i did it to the person i give this gift. Good luck with the packing list, looks allright to me!

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