Now that everyone knows..

Last week I announced officially that I would be going to Belgium for three months. For those of you who are just joining me on the blog, welcome! As you can see, I’ve been planning this for quite a while.

As exciting as it was to know I was going to be traveling the world, it was very important to me that I keep it a secret. I don’t come from a wealth of money and I was afraid that if my employer found out ahead of time, I would lose the hours I was getting. The last thing I needed was to announce I was going only to find out in the end that I couldn’t afford it. 

When I decided that it was time to put in my two weeks, it was a huge weight off of my shoulders. Only a couple people told me I was crazy and most people were very happy for me, which was refreshing. Now I have two days of work left to get through and I’ll be free to spend my last two weeks in Canada as I please.

A lot’s been happening lately, but it’s hard to find the time (and sometimes the ambition) to write it all down. First and foremost, I have euros!

Look! Monopoly money! I mean euros!

When I went to the bank to buy my euros, the lady kindly informed me that €200 wouldn’t get me very far. I chuckled. Of course it wouldn’t. The €200 that I bought cost me $275, which isn’t a whole lot when it comes down to it. However if I can’t make €200 last at least a week or two, I’ll be very ashamed of my ability to handle money.

I also cracked and bought a new suitcase. For those of you who have taken a look at  my last suitcase packing adventure, you’ll notice how desperate I was to fit as much as I could into the little 22 inch suitcase that I had. Well between the art supplies and Vincent’s gigantic winter boots that need to be returned, desperation got the best of me. Walmart had a 30 inch case for $50, so I snagged it. I’ve recently packed everything into it and DAMNIT I LEFT IT THAT WAY. I’ll be taking everything out again soon to reassess my choices though. My packing was a little haphazard and I’ve deviated in the original packing list. I’ve gone from one dress to three and seven pairs of panties to fourteen. I couldn’t decide which pairs were prettiest, okay?


I’m proud to say that it only weighs in at 15 kg, with the limit being 23 kg. Might have to do with the four boxes of maple cookies inside, who knows. Those things are magic.

I’m sure there’s more to tell, but this is getting a little long as is. I’ll see what I can do about some more frequent updates over the next few weeks as we start counting down!

Safe Travels!



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4 thoughts on “Now that everyone knows..

  1. Hey Catherine! There is nothing more exciting than filling suitcases! Unfortunately you have to look on the information of your flightcompagny, because nobody gives you the oppurtunity to take 40 kg. With Air Canada we can take 23 kg per person. The extras you have to pay for extra luggage, so beware! Hope to see you in Belgium! Enjoy your dreams!

    • catrector

      Opps! You’re right! I’m not sure where I got that from! I must have been thinking pounds and even then I got that number wrong. I’ve updated the post, thank you for pointing that out. Luckily I’m still under weight!

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  3. Lol whose business is she minding? Nobody buys all their currency at their local banks! Tssk! lol! 2 more shifts in hell kitty! woooh!

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