To those who catch me when I falter

I’m feeling a pretty thankful today. I had a long conversation with my Mom today about my life and the things in it. While things aren’t always perfect, I do have a lot that I’m happy about. To stay on subject with the blog, one of the things I’m thankful for is the support I’ve received in the last six months.

Choosing to be involved in a long distance relationship is not something I thought I would do again. I have done it in the past and had sworn I would never do it again. It was one of the biggest things on my mind when I started to realize that I liked the geeky Belgian boy with the bright eyes. It’s a big decision to make and can cause a lot of heartache, which is exactly why I’m so thankful for some of the amazing people in my life.

My mother and a couple of my closest friends urged me on when I was hesitant. These people saw something from the beginning that I had trouble seeing. Especially my mother, who sees everything with the utmost clarity. My friends supported us both from day one, convincing us to dance together and egging us on. After he had gone home, they talked about how great he was and asked what was next.

My mother knew before I had any clue. She seems to see everything with the utmost clarity, and she saw a spark before we did. My friends were the ones to convince him I would say yes if he asked me to dance. When I sat them down to discuss the possibility of him visiting for a few weeks, my mother knew before I opened my mouth. All she said was “Are you going there or is he coming here?” My friends said “Of course! How many months?”

It was amazing to watch my family and my friends fall in love with him in their own way. He and my mother swore at each other over board games. He and my sister awkwardly talked about Magic cards and techno music. My roommates hung out with him when I had to work and made sure he felt at home with us. I was amazed at how effortlessly he fit in.

I owe them all a debt of gratitude. They continue to provide me with a support net while the two of us are apart, asking me how we are and talking me through my rough days. They let me whine when I’m upset and let me be mushy when I’m happy. They are so much more instrumental to my happiness and the success of this relationship than they will ever realize.

I hope that anyone else out there in a long distance relationship has just as much support. Some days it makes all the difference in the world.

Lots of love and safe travels!

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