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My face on a bus in Europe? Whhhaaatttt?

My face on a bus in Europe? Whhhaaatttt?

My boyfriend surprised me back at Christmas time with a very unexpected gift. The Belgian Red Devils had been collecting fan photos to put on the side of their tour bus. He submitted a photo of us and now if you check out the back of the bus, we’re right there! The picture is the one that’s four from the bottom, second on the left. Just look at those adorable Christmas outfits 😛

My boyfriend is kind of amazing 😀

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Who dropped this? Oh..

Well, I totally dropped the ball on this blog. Things got hectic in the real world and I stopped planning the trip as much. Part of that is because planning the trip everyday was making the days pass slower. Now I’m starting to get back on the wagon though, so lets get this ball rolling again!

A lot has changed about the trip since my last real post. Chief among those things is that we’ve had to cancel our trip to Belfast. We started to plan out the trip and the cost kept climbing. It got to a point that I would be spending most of my money in the first week of my three months. Not really acceptable. My boyfriend still wants to do London, so we may still be doing that, but it will be much more affordable without the trip to Ireland.

There are lots more things to announce, but with less than an hour before work, I had better get going!

Safe travels!

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It’s been a while.. have this :)


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This week’s lack of grace

I haven’t been posting much this week because it proved to be a hard week for me in general. I probably should have been taking those experiences and documenting them here but I try to find a nice balance of being candid without getting into private matters. Unfortunately my alternative of bottling things up didn’t go over very well either. Continue reading

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To those who catch me when I falter

I’m feeling a pretty thankful today. I had a long conversation with my Mom today about my life and the things in it. While things aren’t always perfect, I do have a lot that I’m happy about. To stay on subject with the blog, one of the things I’m thankful for is the support I’ve received in the last six months. Continue reading

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