Adventure into Darkness: The Storage Room

ImageSo there’s not much to do here in Little Town, Nova Scotia. Anyone who lives here can tell you that. There are, however, a few neat little places to see. One of them happens to be the insanely creepy storage building where I keep some of my things.

This building has been around for a long ass time. I’m not sure how long, but it used to be an old factory. Some terribly smart person converted it into a storage locker facility not long ago and I will tell you that it scares the living hell out of me every time I go in there alone.


Maybe it’s the 15 horror movies I’ve watched in the last three days, but I was getting some bad vibes in there today. I had to bring over a carload of yard sale stuff and the longer I was in there, the worse the feeling got. The building looks like something out of Silent Hill, especially the freight elevator. I mean, what movie has ever had a nice scene involving a freight elevator? None, that’s what movie. So enjoy these pictures that made me cringe like a little girl today.


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