Mini Excursion to Halifax

Everyone needs a little time away every once in a while and that’s exactly what I did this weekend.

I took a little trip to the great city of Halifax to visit my best friend in her new apartment. I arrived Friday night after work and stayed until Sunday morning. It was short but amazing.

Most of the action took place Saturday. She surprised me with a massage appointment, something I’ve never had the pleasure of doing before. The appointment was at Chrysalis in the Hydrostone market and I loved every second of it.

Afterwards we hit up the Halifax shopping centre to do a little spending. I swear I only spent money on things for the trip! I replaced a pair of flats that are great for walking and will be perfect for hot summer days in Belgium. We both did some splurging at La Senza because as all ladies out there know, it’s important to have some comfortable, fully functional bras at home (even if you have to shell out half your savings to buy them). Finally I picked up an eye shadow palette with every colour in the rainbow, partially for the trip and partially so I can throw out all the random eye shadows I’ve collected over the years. Afterwards we grabbed some sushi, which I’ve only had once before. I think I’m going to be that girl who only eats the vegetarian stuff. The “grilled” tuna was a little under grilled for me 😛


We spent the evening having drinks and playing Tetris Attack with her brother and his girlfriend, which was exactly how we spent our time as teens. Perfect piece of nostalgia. After the couple went home, my friend and I stayed up way too late talking about everything and anything.


The next morning we drug ourselves out of bed and got ready. I was bringing my friend back with me so that she could visit her family back home, but I WAS NOT leaving Halifax without some Two If By Sea. We made the trek over to Dartmouth and grabbed a prosciutto croissant and a mocha before hitting the highway.


It’s also basically a tradition to stop at Masstown Market whenever we’re on that highway, so we stopped for some Scotsburn ice cream. The yellow (Tiger) and the Purple-Blue-Yellow (Moon Mist) are by far the best flavours EVER. The prospect of having this ice cream turns me into a small child, if you can’t already tell.


Safe Travels!

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