First Mock Pack :D

I’ve been trying to plan for the trip without getting too carried away, which has been difficult. I’m the kind of person who would plan out every detail ahead of time if I had the ability. Instead, I’ve been trying to find little projects that have to do with the trip that I can accomplish on my own, so last night I did a mock pack!

EDIT: A new suitcase has been purchased.

It’s my first flight and my first long trip, so I’ve got a lot of trial and error ahead of me. I’ve already learned a lot from watching videos and asking friends. The best two videos I’ve found are here and here from She goes into a lot of detail about exactly what she’s packing, which I found inspiring.

My suitcase is a little on the small side at 24 inches. I thought for sure that I would have issues packing, but so far so good. I’ve managed to get everything into the suitcase and still have an entirely empty backpack. I’ve been considering moving different things into the backpack to make room or for easy access.


This tiny pile is the clothes I’m intending on bringing. The list consists of:

2 pairs of jeans
2 skirts
1 pair of white tights
1 pair of shorts
1 pair of jogging pants
1 dress
2 tank tops
1 tshirt
5 dress shirts
1 leather jacket
1 hoodie
2 bathing suit tops (bikini and tank)
1 bathing suit bottom
1 pair of PJ shorts
1 pair of PJ pants

This could change between now and then, but I think that gives a pretty general idea of what I’m bringing. Not pictured are four bras, eight pairs of socks and seven pairs of panties.

The extras I’m bringing, not including the electronics that will go in my backpack, are here. My art set, a pair of flats, a makeup bag, a sketchbook, watercolour paper book and a small folder of pencils. I also have to return my boyfriend’s sweater and winter boots, so those will be coming but not returning with me. Not pictured is a pair of sneakers that I’ll be wearing on the plane. 


Here you can see the suitcase haphazardly packed. I could certainly do better, but this is only a test run anyway. What I realized after is that I packed a sweater and a pair of jogging pants that I’ll be wearing on the plane. That frees up a little room from the start. I’m also considering putting my two art books and the pack of pencils in my backpack (which remained empty during the test) to give myself something to do during and between flights.

I’ll be trying again a couple times I’m sure, but I’m at least fairly confident that I won’t have to buy a bigger suitcase. Once the boots are gone, which take up 1/5th of the luggage as it is, there’ll be lots more room for souvenirs.

Anyone who has critiques or ideas is welcome to share! There’s always room for improvement.

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