HELP: Travel Insurance


So the money is in for the ticket! Which is great! Except that I haven’t decided if I will take the insurance company that the agency has offered me or a different one.

Long story short, today is the last day of a hold the travel agency has put on a particular ticket price for me. If I let it go, I stand the chance of losing the great price she found for me. If I take it, I have to decide very quickly who I’ll be getting insurance through.


RBC: This is who the agency works with. I’ve heard great things about them, but they’re asking $540 to cover my 90 days trip.

Manulife: I can’t find any pages that review their travel insurance. They have a great price at $311 for my 90 days, but the articles I find online look like bad news bears.

PC Financial: They offer nearly the same great coverage as RBC but at $400 for my 90 days. Many people review them well, which makes me sway in their direction.

I’ll be buying the ticket within the next week for certain and want to get this squared away. If anyone has any advice or experience, please comment below!

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2 thoughts on “HELP: Travel Insurance

  1. First of all where are you going and what sort of stuff will you be doing? If it’s basically just regular travel with no dangerous excursions then you’l likely be covered for most things that can go wrong. If you’re planning on doing something more extreme then you should check the specifics of a policy to see if that activity is covered. If the info on the website is unclear then call the provider. Be very clear with what you plan to do and ask if their policies cover you in the event something goes wrong. Price is important but don’t just go straight for the cheapest, ALWAYS check if you’re covered. Good luck and happy travels!

    • catrector

      It’s going to be very basic, nothing more risky than if I were home. Thanks for the tips, I’ll keep that in mind!

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