Beautiful Days

It’s nights like tonight that I feel very blessed. I have a wonderful, supportive family. I have friends who are honest and kind. I have a boyfriend who loves me enough to commit to being only with me, despite the thousands of miles of water between us. I am a lucky girl. 

Today I spent nearly the whole day playing SimCity with my boyfriend. We also watched The Walking Dead and Shameless, two of our favourite shows. We started at 1:30 and said goodbye at 11:30 (only to text a little more afterward). I got to spend my whole day with this amazing man, which is especially beautiful because of the eight days he will soon spend in England for work. 

My family was very patient with me today, letting me eat supper in my room and not insisting I come out during my 10 hour hiatus. I felt guilty at first but how often do I get to spend a full day with my boyfriend? Now my legs are sore from sitting all day, but I’m glad that we got to spend this kind of time together. It’s the long distance equivalent to spending the day out together, holding hands and laughing. 

Anyhow! Safe travels friends!

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