Webcam Sleepover! It’s totally the new “Talk on the Phone Until you Fall Asleep”

My long distance boyfriend and I did something last night that I HIGHLY recommend that other LD couples try. We had a webcam sleepover!

It was very spur of them moment but we had briefly mentioned it before. It’s something that, when brought up, feels a little weird and stalker-ish. I mean, no one wants to be the Edward Cullen of the relationship and say “I LIKE TO WATCH YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT.” In reality however, it’s a very sweet way to feel close to the person you love.

We kind of stumbled upon the idea while watching Community together. We pointed our webcams at our beds, laid down and watched the show. Not really wanting to say goodbye, we decided that we just wouldn’t. We would say goodnight instead.

If you also want to have a webcam sleepover, here’s how. If you’re looking to keep the feed going until morning, make sure to turn your computer sleep settings off. I also set my screensaver and monitor sleep function off so that I could wake up at any point and see the screen. It’s important to turn the volume down, especially if your significant other likes to kick the dresser in their sleep. And finally, once both partners turn off the lights, you won’t be able to see the other person until morning rolls around. You may want to try rigging up a nightlight or some other device.

As weird as this sounds, it made me feel extremely close to my boyfriend. We were able to talk until we fell asleep and to say goodnight the way we did when we were together. I woke up several times through the night and because the sun was shining four hours earlier in Belgium, I was able to see him whenever I woke up. It was a very sweet thing to agree to do, especially because it was his idea, which makes me appreciate it even more. It’s the next best thing to actually waking up beside him and it really started my day perfectly.

That being said, I did stay in bed until the last minute today, so I have some cleaning to do.

Safe Travels!

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One thought on “Webcam Sleepover! It’s totally the new “Talk on the Phone Until you Fall Asleep”

  1. Works for us for over 2 years now, and everyday. It is sweet! 🙂 -Guen

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