Tickets and Taxes

Today is a good day! I’ve been waiting for weeks to get my taxes done and finally have it over with. I spent the last few months guessing at the amount I would have to put toward my plane ticket, hoping for the best. After stressing myself out and losing sleep last night, I went in and got some really awesome results. I can finally buy the damned ticket!

I haven’t bought it yet, but I have the means to do so once the money shows up in my bank account. Directly after I had my taxes done, my friend and I went out to ticket shop. We went to visit The Travel Store in the local Superstore and I was pleasantly surprised. We sat down with a young woman who was friendly, supportive and informative right from the start. She’s clearly more concerned that I have a good flight and get the best deal than pushing packages on me. I think I’ve found my travel agent!

She was able to point out some great flights for me. I have the option of flying into Paris and leaving from Brussels at the same cost as a return trip to Paris, which is very convenient. I would have to take the train to Brussels from Paris anyway, so why not just start the trip there? This will allow me to do so!

I’m loving what I accomplished today. I found a travel agent I want to work with, got quotes on my flight, was given a booklet of travel insurance information and my taxes are complete. I’ve got a ton of sorting to do in the house tonight, not to mention sending out a super secret package to my boyfriend for Easter, but I still count today as a win.

There may be 11 weeks left before I go, but it feels like time is flying already. Must be daylight savings time messing me up.. 😛

Save Travels!

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