Time Zone Happy Dance!

As someone is a long distance relationship, time zones are the bane of my existence. When I’m eating lunch, my boyfriend is eating supper. When I get off work, he might already be in bed. It causes us to choose between sleep and each other, and we’ve stayed up/woken up at times that are nearly unnatural in order to speak to each other. Tomorrow it gets a little better!

Normally there’s a five hour time difference between my boyfriend and I. Tomorrow is daylight savings time and we skip ahead an hour. Belgium won’t skip ahead until March 31st. For three weeks there will have four hours between us instead of five! By the time everything shifts back it will have taken nearly a month, and my boyfriend will be on his way for a week of work in England. England has another entirely difference time zone, so that week it will still be a four hour difference!

I was absolutely CONVINCED until tonight that we would be looking at an extra hour between us. I had an entire post written about how terrible it would be. Then I stopped for a moment.. thought about it, confirmed it and jumped for joy! Being in a long distance relationship can be hard and it’s little things like that make things easier.


Safe travels! 

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