My love/hate relationship with Smite

This is my unrelated rant about the unwelcoming internet.

Tonight I was playing a game of Smite with my boyfriend and found the entire thing to be very disheartening. Smite is a 5v5 game where people team up to pit Gods and Goddesses from mythology against each other in a test of communication, strategy and team work. It’s a great idea and appeals to me in almost every way. Almost. Tonight we played one game and I am very close to never playing again.

The “Almost” is all about attitude. I find the community of Smite to be very unwelcoming as a whole. I’m not a hardcore gamer. I’m not there to be the best of the best, just to play and have some fun. I play only casual, because that’s what I am. If there was a super casual setting, I would play that. Despite playing in casual, I consistently encounter players who tear other players down over a simple game of capture the flag.

Smite seemed like a great way for me to kill some time before my trip, as well as a nice way to bond with my gamer boyfriend. It was very fun for a while, but lately it’s been less so. I’ve had to sit through 30 minute games where people will be ranting and raving about my playing or the playing of other. I do have better things to do than to be called worthless and dumb by someone sitting half a world away, hiding behind their computer screen.

I realize that this opinion doesn’t really matter and that people who take gaming very seriously will just scoff and call me a baby. They’ll tell me it’s because I do actually suck at the game. They’ll tell me to go back to casually playing Mario instead, and honestly I probably will. I realize that I’m not the best player and I never will be. And that’s fine. I can get the same satisfaction out of beating Dragon Age, Silent Hill or Legend of Dragoon as I can from whooping a couple teams in Smite. And while these hardcore gamers are busy being intensely competitive about their game, I’ll be planning my real life adventure to Europe instead.

To sum up this rant, it’s a very big shame that the gaming community of Smite (and possibly others) can’t be a little more inclusive. As someone who loves playing video games but hasn’t played online before (for this exact reason, might I add) it certainly has left a bad taste in my mouth. I was hoping that this experience would change my mind, but it’s honestly just cemented the idea in my head that online gaming is not where I want to spend my time.


Safe travels everyone!

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