FLASHBACK: One month later

I had a really great time tonight talking with my boyfriend via webcam, and then texting sporadically through the night. It inspired me to start writing about some of the amazing moments I’ve had with him, including what happened exactly one month after I met him.

After Vincent and I started dating, we would send each other texts while the other was sleeping so that we would have something to wake up to. A month after he had initially arrived in Canada for the wedding, I woke up and checked my phone as usual. We spoke for a minute before he asked me to do something very odd. He asked me to go into the next room. 

The next room was an empty guest room, so I couldn’t even imagine why I would be going in there. I went in, looked around and saw nothing out of the ordinary. I sent a text back asking what I was supposed to be doing. My roommate must have sensed the complete confusion emanating from the room, so she walked in and told me to turn around.

There on the dresser were the most beautiful flowers I’d ever seen. 


(The picture really doesn’t do them justice. I tried for hours and this was the best I got..)

Vincent had arranged for my roommate and other friend to find a flower shop in town, let him pick out a bouquet and then one of the girls would pick them up. He had even hand written a note, scanned it in and had them put it with the flowers. They played along with the whole thing and ninja’d these flowers into my house under my nose. 

I wish the flowers would have lasted forever, but as all flowers do, they wilted. I even tried keeping the seeds and planting them, but I really am green thumb-less. I still have the vase however, which sits on my computer desk. The note sits in a picture frame above my bed. It’s one of the most beautiful memories I have and certainly one of the most romantic things I’ve ever experienced.

(Although I’m pretty sure flying across the world tops flowers any day.)

That’s it for now! Safe travels!

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