Travel Research

My trip to Europe seems to change shape every day.

The biggest part of the trip will be spent in Belgium, where my boyfriend Vincent lives. I’m excited to explore the area and see all of it’s little secrets, but I still know so little about it. As someone who never thought they would ever see Europe, I had barely even heard of Belgium. Maybe that’s why I’m so focused on the other countries we’re planning on visiting.

At the top of the list is Greece. I’ve always been a big fan of mythology, and when he told me that he’d like to take me to Athens, I might have nearly passed out. I can’t even begin to imagine what it will be like there. I’ve never been a big history buff but the whole thing changes when you add in gods, goddesses and some mythical creatures. Visiting a museum is definitely on my list.

We’re also planning on going to Germany to visit with a friend of his. Some part of France is on the list, as well as the Netherlands (mostly because that’s where all his favourite DJs tend to play). We’re also planning on going to London. The only thing I can even think about involving London is going to a theatre show. I would play very good money to see Wicked live, as long as I can talk Vincent into seeing a musical. There are so many things playing at any given time that we should be able to find something we agree on.

I’ve barely even looked into any of the places we’re going and honestly that might be on purpose. I love the idea of being completely surprised about where we’re going and what we’re seeing. Paris has the Eiffel tower, Athens has the Parthenon. I know the obvious of course, but finding the secret places that everyone wishes they could find is not as easy as clicking the first link on Google. Besides, do I really want to ruin the magic of discovering things first hand?

My lack of patience may end up being the deciding factor here, but we will see. For now, I hear a bowl of ice cream calling my name!

Safe travels!

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