All this work is tiring

The last two days have been pretty tiring.

I woke up in the hotel room after five hours sleep, managed to get my things together and headed home.  I did try to take a nap before work but of course naps never happen when you really need them. I headed to work, didn’t get a break and drug myself home to pack boxes with the Mominator.

After a hot shower I managed to get enough energy to get some work done from a sitting position. My second wind has let me set my newly formated computer back to the way it was, with a few minor improvements. I’ve started a new To Do list and best of all, started to learn Dutch. It’s not much, but I’ve learned a couple words within the 30 minutes I played around with the program. The man reads, the girl drinks, etc. The program seems pretty solid, so it will be interesting to see how far I can get with it.

Today was a long work day though, so all of these preperations are taking a back seat to a bowl of ice cream and some episdoes of Shameless. Tomorrow I learn a lesson in sanding walls and drop some of my things off to my new place. I’ll be happy to settle in, finally. I just want to unpack, set up my room and start different projects.

That being said, Shameless calls! Ciao bella!

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