CAUTION: Flashback scene ahead!

After two posts that were extremely full of negativity, I thought it would be important to take things in a different direction. For all of you out there that love sappy stories, this is for you. Everyone thinks their story of how they met is the CUTEST MOST AMAZING STORY EVER. That’s because everyone’s cute story matters. This just happens to be my cute story.


In September of 2013 we took part in the wedding of some mutual friends. He was from Belgium and had flown in to be a groomsman. I was a new friend of the bride and acting as MC. I also helped snag all of the guests from the airport as they flew in. My first real impression of my boyfriend is him running down the streets of Moncton to get a picture of the BJ’s sign to show his friends back home.
My second impression was a very important one. Originally the two of us were supposed to end up at Montreal ComicCon together before the wedding. I had to cancel due to lack of funds. When he arrived for the wedding, he unpacked two Journey into Mystery graphic novels that he had picked up for me, just because I hadn’t been able to make it.
We spent the week discussing our favourite things and running errands. I loved spending time with him and as someone who doesn’t date much, I wasn’t sure what to do about that.
At the wedding he chose to sit with me instead of the bridal party. We talked, played wedding games and eventually slow danced. We even drove a golf cart around the reception together. (For those wondering, I’m the better driver šŸ˜› ) After we dropped off the newly weds at their hotel, we took off to hang out for a few more hours.

Contrary to popular belief, nothing happened until the day he was flying out of Moncton and heading back home. We had been texting for days and I had admitted to LIKE liking him. After nearly destroying his passport, plane ticket, cell phone and wallet with my spilled latte, we took him to the airport. On the way he threatened to throw his ticket out the window, swearing up and down that he would be back.
At the airport the newlyweds said their goodbyes and darted away to spy on us from a distance (just like in the cartoons). We said an awkward goodbye. He said he would miss me and suggested that maybe we should kiss.

It was the cutest, most awkward peck on the lips either of us has even come up with. We blushed, stammered farewells and left. We would spend MONTHS regretting not turning around and going for a mulligan.

He immediately started talking about coming back. We talked for hours every single day. Talking turned into six hour webcam dates. On Halloween weekend, while I was attending Hal-con, he purchased his return ticket for two and a half months in Canada.
We did take a large risk, something that some of my friends were concerned about. Two and a half months is a long time for people who haven’t spent much time with each other in real life. I wouldn’t suggest it for everyone. However, we took the risk and after saying farewell today I am completely prepared to do the same in 88 days. It’s not everyday that you meet someone as sweet, generous, caring and amazing as the man I’ve fallen for, so I intend travel to the end of the earth and back for him.

Assuming the end of the earth happens to be Belgium.

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