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I need a magical box-packing unicorn

I don’t normally mind moving, but today I’m hating it.

I’m normally very in control of my life. When I move, I start a month ahead of time and slowly put away the unnecessary items, taking my time and doing it properly. This time, because my boyfriend was in the country until a week before my moving date, I am not in control. I still have a lot of odds and ends running around that need to be shoved in boxes and taken out tomorrow. I also picked up an extra couple of hours at work tomorrow, so I will wake up nice and early, work 5.5 hours, move myself and unpack until I fall over of exhaustion.
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All this work is tiring

The last two days have been pretty tiring.

I woke up in the hotel room after five hours sleep, managed to get my things together and headed home.  I did try to take a nap before work but of course naps never happen when you really need them. I headed to work, didn’t get a break and drug myself home to pack boxes with the Mominator.
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CAUTION: Flashback scene ahead!

After two posts that were extremely full of negativity, I thought it would be important to take things in a different direction. For all of you out there that love sappy stories, this is for you. Everyone thinks their story of how they met is the CUTEST MOST AMAZING STORY EVER. That’s because everyone’s cute story matters. This just happens to be my cute story.

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Take Me to the Airport!: The Sequel

Today was another hard day.

We made the second trip to the airport in an attempt to get my boyfriend home to Belgium. The weather channel had been calling for lots of freezing rain, so in order to avoid driving on bad roads, we spent the night in the city at a hotel. Continue reading

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Only in Canada: 40cm of Snow

Getting my boyfriend on a plane has turned into a nightmare.

Everything started the day before the flight. We had known for a while that there was a storm moving in, so we woke up to check the next day’s flight. Continue reading

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Every story begins somewhere…

In June of 2013 I will be embarking on the most amazing adventure I have ever had.

I will by flying to Belgium to live there for 90 days.

In September 2012 I MC’d a wedding for a close friend, whose husband hails from Belgium. His friends and family flew over for the occasion, and I was lucky enough to meet them all. One of the groomsmen happened to be as geeky as I am, and we spent the week stuck to each other like velcro. Or as the bride put it “Oh, compatibility!”

On December 6th, he rejoined me in Canada on a two and a half month adventure to test the waters of a real life relationship. We’re currently in the last days of his trip and things have gone amazingly well, so well that I will be joining him on my own adventure in the summer.

This blog will follow all of the preparations, day-to-day hijinks and the trip itself. It will serve as a place for family and friends to stay up to date with my travels, as well as somewhere for me to vent, discuss how to properly pack a suitcase and a million other things. So if you’d like to watch me mangle the Dutch language, inevitably forget my boarding pass and dramatically rush to airports, you’ve come to the right place. Things start out crazy and I guarantee it will only get crazier from here!


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